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The Connoisseur (newspaper)

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The Connoisseur, 1754

The Connoisseur (by Mr. Town [pseud.], Critic, and Censor-General. 2 vols. 140 nos. (31 January 1754 – 30 September 1756)), was a London weekly eighteenth century newspaper founded and chiefly run by George Colman the Elder and the parodist Bonnell Thornton as a 'plebeian' counterpart to Edward Moore's The World, a periodical of about the same time, which dealt more with the interests of aristocrats.[1] James Boswell says in his Life of Johnson:

I mentioned the periodical paper called 'THE CONNOISSEUR'. He said it wanted matter. – No doubt it had not the deep thinking of Johnson's writings. But surely it has just views of the surface of life, and a very sprightly manner. His opinion of 'THE WORLD' was not much higher than of 'THE CONNOISSEUR'.

Further reading[edit]

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