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The name of the TNG episode where Lwaxana Troi appears for the third time is "Menage a Troi". Of course the original French term is menage-a-trois but the episode's name is a pun on her surname Troi. JIP | Talk 05:46, 14 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Episode list[edit]

What is the purpose of the appearance column in the episode list? Marky1981 00:42, 9 January 2006 (UTC)[reply]


I promised to track down some out of universe sources in the AfD. I don't have time to integrate them into the article but here they are.

"Here [the TNG episode Haven] she began what turned into a yearly visit as the "Auntie Mame of the Galaxy" and the bane of Picard's existence as well as her daughters." Nemecek, Larry (1995). The Star Trek The Next Generation Companion (2nd ed.). New York: Pocket Books. p. 36. ISBN 0-671-88340-2. {{cite book}}: Cite has empty unknown parameter: |coauthors= (help)

The TNG episode Manhunt "was designed as Majel Barret vehicle". ibid. p 90.

"Peter Alan Fields created his second Lwaxana Troi tale in two years--one that truly revealed the characters "Auntie Mame" roots by pairing her up with a "corruptible" Alexander, confounding Worf and Troi alike." ibid. p 198.

"Also, though she turned up on DS9 in "The Forsaken," Lwaxana Troi was a familiar face completely absent from TNG in Season 6. Comparing the situation to the drought of Q stories the year before, Taylor said three Lwaxana scripts in development all fell through." ibid. p 213.

"Her most memorable role, though, was The Next Generation's Lwaxana Troi, the sexually charged empath and mother of Deanna Troi. Her shenanigans and adventures were always entertaining." Bland, Christopher (1996). Lee Anne Nicholson (ed.). Star Trek Thiry Years. New York, Ontario: Telemedia Communications. {{cite book}}: Unknown parameter |coauthors= ignored (|author= suggested) (help)